The Best Travel Blogs to Follow in 2022

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In the industry of travel journalism, it is important to try and connect and keep informed about what other writers are talking about in the travel community. If you can stay aware of trending topics and influencers in your field then you can maximise your content and write in a knowledgable and educated fashion.

To help with this, I have created a list of my favourite travel blogs of 2022 so that my fellow writers can check them out and discover what the industry is talking about this year.

The List

  1. Nomadic Matt

Matt Kepnes is an American travel blogger who started travelling in 2004. After a few years of travelling to countries such as Thailand and Costa Rica, he decided to quit his job and blog full time. If you fast forward to today, he has been to over 100 countries where he’s tried lots of food, learnt lots of languages and made loads of great friends and memories. Matt’s blog channels all of the things he has learnt from his travel experiences, he has helped people out with travel tips and information which has helped loads of people travel for less.

2. Dan Flying Solo

Dan is from the UK, he is a travel writer and photographer who has had some of his freelance work featured on National Geographic and Travel + Leisure. He writes about a variety of travel destinations with a focus on niche locations around the world. Follow this page if you love finding out about new places and love stunning photography.

3. The Planet D

Dave and Debbie are from Canada and are award winning bloggers who have visited over 110 countries. They focus on curating itineraries and guides for travellers who need help navigating the countries they are in. They also are great photographers who take stunning pictures for their social media channels which enriches people who are into travel.

4. The Points Guy

If you want to travel on a budget, then look no further. Brian Kelly founded this travel blog to help people who want to save money, he offers tips on obtaining rewards points and tips about credit card use. Brian has curated a handful of useful tips about hotel rewards and airline points so you can find the best deals possible.

5. Atlas and Boots

Started by Kia and Peter, this blog was made for the lovers of nature and adventure. Atlas and Boots focus their content on activities such as diving, hiking and outdoor travel. The couple have been notably published with Lonely Planet, BBC Travel and The Guardian. Their taste for adventure and discovery puts them at number 5 on my list of the top travel blogs to follow this year.



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